About PawMaw

Welcome to PawMaw. Finding lost & found pets are our sole priority here at www.pawmaw.com. We started off creating a platform that provides a service, whereby we reunite lost & found pets in their family, with less or no stress at all. Anyone who has once lost a pet can attest that it is a difficult task finding your pet on your own and alone. So PawMaw is here to stand in the gap, by creating a technological means of proffering a lasting solution that reunites pet owners with their lost & found pets.

We have developed a system that can reach out to the concerned residents in the neighborhood where the pet got missing in a few minutes, and by this, we create a better awareness for a lost & found pet to everyone – which is more effective and easier than going alone to look for them. Our system helps to create an active neighborhood search, thus increasing your chance of finding your pet. That’s why PawMaw is here to create a story that has a happy ending.

Our missions are as follows:


To consistently create a regularly upgraded system to help boost the chances of getting to reunite lost and found pets back to their family.


To provide the best and most effective tools that can be useful in recovering lost & found pets, which will effectively provide actual results to the owners of the pets.

You can reach out to us at via:

Email using [email protected] and [email protected]

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Over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen every year. You can report your missing pets with PawMaw. We can notify thousands nearby within a minute.

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