Black German Shepherd: Breed Overview Characteristics Facts & More


The Black German Shepherd is a unique version of the classic black-and-tan German Shepherd. This stunning breed is both beautiful and magnificent. This captures everyone's attention.

This breed of dogs are highly known as working dogs. They rank an impressive 2nd out of 194 in popularity. Also recognized by the American Kennel Club.

With their gorgeous black appearance, these dogs are also intelligent, trainable, and active. Black German Shepherd can be the best partner for an owner who is more active and loves swimming or hiking.

Also, these dogs can be excellent family dogs and are good with children. They show great loyalty towards their family. Also, they need equal love and attention.

Among other color variations, Black Shepherd is more popular because of their shiny black coating. This also makes Black German a rare breed. But there is no distinction among black and other colored German Shepherds.

Quick Facts 

Origin: Germany

Group: Herding

Scientific Name: Canis lupus familiaris

Favorite Food: Meat, Dry Kibble

Lifespan: 9–13 years

Colors: Black

Suitable For: Police Officers, Military

Black German Shepherd Overview

Black German Shepherd mostly popular for the black, shiny black coating. The stunning appearance distinguishes this breed from other German Shepherds. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1908. Apart from the gorgeous appearance, these breed dogs combine a great intellectual ability, amazing problem solving skill and a good pet.

Black German Shepherds are friendly dogs that get along with kids and other pets. But they more often work as guard dogs. They also work in numerous rescue sessions for their extraordinary ability.

They also show great devotion toward their owners. These breed dogs consider their human owners as their own family and can go to any extent for their well-being. For an active dog owner with high energy Black German Shepherd makes the best companionship.

Breeding And Care Considerations

Black German Shepherd is a very active dog breed. But before you bring a Shepherd dog into your home you should consider some facts such as a reputable breeder, and a parent dog's health check. This will ensure you can live with a well-behaved dog.

Also, after bringing the furry friend the next responsibility is for the dog owners. These dogs need regular exercise and playtime. But most importantly love and care. Here is a detailed description on the breed and care consideration for you Black German shepherd.

Breeding Responsibly For Color Variation

Breeders have a lot of responsibility when breeding, specifically for color variations like Black German Shepherd. This is important to maintain the health and integrity of the breed.

Responsible breeders carefully select which dogs to breed. So the breed's integrity, like all black coats, can stay pure. Genetic factors like recessive genes are responsible for producing Black German Shepherds. Both parent dogs must have the recessive gene. Then the possibility is high to get all black coat puppies. Breeders ensure two Black German Shepherd mates. So future generations of puppies can inherit the black pigment.

Breeders also focus on the health of the parent dogs. Both the male and female should undergo thorough health screenings. This is for genetic conditions expected in the breed. This should include the presence of recessive genes.

To breed, breeders abide by the standards set by reputable kennel clubs. Not only the coloration but also need to focus on generating dogs' temperament. Other considerations should be working ability or compatibility with family.

Finding A Reputable Breeder

A reputable breeder can give you an all-black, healthy, well-maintained German Shepherd dog. So, before you bring a German Shepherd puppy, search for a reputable breeder.

Breeders should get a registry from a reputable organization. You can then check reviews, testimonials, or legal papers.

Visit the breeder and check out the puppy you are going to adopt and also the parent dogs. Observe the temperament and behavior of the dogs. Ask for a medical certificate, vaccination certificates, and pedigree papers. Do some health tests if necessary.

Ask questions that concern you. Be clear with the answers with proof. You can ask about the environment in which the puppies are growing and see yourself.

Give some time to find a reputable breeder. Do not go for cheap German Shepherds. You can try to save some bucks. But you have to sacrifice the important factors. For example, health or good characteristics in your new member.

Necessary Care Considerations

Black German Shepherds need proper attention, love, and care. For their well-being, regular maintenance is a must. Your dog can live a healthy and longer life with sufficient care and maintenance.

Start with their diet because these big dogs need a proper amount of food and nutrition. Without getting enough food on time, they can get stressed and overwhelmed. Be careful about allergic foods because they are prone to allergies.

Also, they need to stay hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of freshwater. There should be access to fresh water all the time. By this, they can stay cool on their own if necessary. With long hair, their body gets hot and needs to cool down.

Take your dog to a vet for a checkup every year. You will be able to identify any medical complications immediately and cure them.

Food & Diet

The bigger German Shepherd dogs get their food needs increased. Black Shepherd dogs especially tend to be bigger and need more food. They crave more food and nutrition. These animals have a high energy level. They need enough food that contains all food nutrients.

Put a high amount of protein in their diet so they can stay energetic all the time. For adult dogs, 18-25% protein should be present in their regular meal. Puppies also need protein meals. Measure the need for protein according to their body weight. An adult German Shepherd dog needs 1.19 grams of protein per pound of their total body weight.

There is also a need for healthy fats. Fats should be 0.59 grams per body weight with essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Also, avoiding unhealthy fats to prevent obesity.

Also, furry dogs often face bloating and allergic reactions and have sensitive stomachs. They should not consume filler foods like soy or wheat. So, you need to be extra careful while choosing food for them. Also, treat them.

Here is a daily caloric need chart for your Black German Shepherd.

Exercise Routine

Black German Shepherds love to exercise and play to practice their athletic nature. Without proper physical stimulation with exercise, they get anxious and stressed. This can affect their behavior and make them aggressive. Regular exercise can calm the aggressive behavior.

Starting the day with a brisk jog can make a dog's whole day cheerful. This also helps burn off energy and keep the dog fit. Then, wind down the day again with some playtime in a park or the yard. Maintaining this routine improves German Shepherds' physical and mental health. Mental stimulation is as essential as physical exercise for this intelligent breed.

Add training sessions into their exercise routine. It can be teaching new tricks or practicing obedience commands. Even training can help them work on their agility. Let them engage in free play, chasing, or exploring within a safe and secure area.

Use puzzle feeders or interactive toys to engage their problem-solving skills. This can be an alternative to physical activities on rest days. Also, keep them entertained.

Here is an exercise routine for a Black German Shepherd. This is also applicable to other variants of German Shepherds.

Common Health Issues of Black German Shepherds

Black German Shepherds, like other GSDs, can be prone to specific health issues. Hip dysplasia and Elbow dysplasia are some of the common diseases among German shepherd dogs. Some dogs suffer from Dementia.

Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia: These are common joint issues in larger dog breeds like the German Shepherd. In this medical condition, the hip or elbow joints don't develop properly and cause mobility issues.

Dental Issues: Periodontal disease and tooth decay are common in many German Shepherd dogs. There are dental infections, too.

Nose Infections: Allergies and bacterial infections can cause infections. This infects the nasal passage of Black Shepherd dogs.

Bloat (Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus): It's more common in deep-chested breeds like German Shepherds. This is a life-threatening condition. The stomach fills with gas and twists.

Degenerative Disc Disease: Another medical condition of Black GSDs is degenerative disc disease. It affects the intervertebral discs in the spine. It can sometimes cause paralysis.

Cataracts: Dogs can become blind because of cataracts. It means the clouding of the lens in the eye. Gradually cause vision impairment or blindness.

Epilepsy: German Shepherds can be prone to seizures caused by abnormal brain activity.

Thyroid Issues: Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) is common in some German Shepherds. It can make them gain weight, lethargy, and cause skin problems.

Are Black German Shepherds Aggressive?

Almost every dog is aggressive. Early age training helps them to live with humans happily. This is not different with Black German Shepherds. They have an athletic physique and bold expression. So many think these dogs are destructive. But only the Shepherd owners know the truth.

These dog breeds love their owner and can do anything to protect them. They can also protect children from any danger. They can look after them. Once they get along with the owner, they consider them family members. They are sweet and gentle. They show soft behavior when petting their owner. 

As a pet owner, you must care for your furry dog cleverly. Give proper training. Also, take care of their mental health. They will show calm and sweet behavior as long as they are happy.

How To Take Care Of Black German Shepherds

Like other pet animals, Black German Shepherds need proper and regular care. Without care, they get overwhelmed. This can make them stressed and anxious. So, if you are a Shepherd dog owner or planning to have one, follow these tips.

1. People show interest in Black German Shepherds because of their gorgeous outlook. Their shiny black coating looks so graceful. But to maintain this beauty, you need to focus on extra care. Bath them according to need. Use good pet shampoo. You can also oil their hair for a good shine. But consult with a vet.

2. Animals can get stressed because of hunger most of the time. They can not bear hunger. So, ensure an adequate amount of food on time for them. Maintain their food routine. So they can stay active.

3. These dogs need ample space as they grow up. Give them a comfortable bed and a playing environment. Add lots of interactive and chew toys. Dogs also love balls. Provide them with a dedicated playing space or your backyard if possible. So they can play. This will ensure their physical fitness.

4. Spend enough time with your dog. Try to bond with your Shepherd dog. They crave your love and time. Otherwise, they can be sad and misbehave.

5. Most importantly, take care of their litter box. Keep the box clean. Maintain the litter box size also. Give your dog personal space for using the litter box.

Are You Interested In Adopting A Black German Shepherd?

Black German Shepherd has a stunning coating and excellent intelligence. This is why people adopt this dog breed as a pet. And you may be one of the eager pet owners. But before you make the decision, you should consider some factors. German Shepherds are not small dog breeds that are easy to handle.

Can you commit to giving your Black Shepherd dog enough time and care? Can you change your lifestyle to align with your dog's routine?

The German Shepherd is an active dog breed. Like most other dogs, they need regular exercise and playtime. They need to groom and maintain a good diet. All these require a reasonable amount of time daily.

Since you are adopting a Black German dog, taking extra care of the coating will be one of your important responsibilities.

Those who have hectic schedules may not be able to give enough time. This can be frustrating for the dog. Also, these dogs do not like to stay alone long. They need mental stimulation.

So, as a Shepherd dog owner, you also need to be quite active. It is better if you stay involved in outdoor activities. Your dog can stay physically stimulated. You have to be energetic to match your dog's energy.

Also, consider the long-term commitment when adopting a dog. This breed can live longer than ten years.

Again, these dogs need more dedicated space. They need homes with yards or access to outdoor areas for play and exercise. You have to make sure you have enough space to provide.

Adopting a Black German Shepherd can be a rewarding experience. But it's essential to be pre-prepared and committed. So you can provide a loving and responsible home for your new canine companion. Make sure you thoroughly research the breed. Also, consider your financial capability before you plan to adopt one.

How Much Does A Black German Shepherd Puppy Cost?

The price range for a Black German Shepherd is significantly higher than a German Shepherd. An utterly black puppy can range in price from $1800 to $2,000. While the usual German Shepherd may cost between $500 and $1500. 

This may seem a bit expensive for you. But comparatively, other dog breeds can be pricier. For example, a French Bulldog can cost anywhere from $3000 to $5000. A Blue Steel Panda German Shepherd's price can be up to $ 5,000. So, a Black German Shepherd is much cheaper than others.

Also, the price can vary according to reputable breeders. Some breeders prioritize temperament and health testing charges. So, they may charge more in such cases.

With a reputable breeder, you will come across some greedy breeders. They would cost less than usual. And it can seem tempting for you to buy a less expensive puppy. But we do not recommend this. Because your dog's temperament and future behavior mainly depend on the breeder. These little ones need socialization right from the start. Good breeders invest their time into this. They also take care of the health of the parent dogs. So, try to find a reputable breeder.

Where Can You Get A Black German Shepherd?

There are many reputable breeders or pet stores that breed Black German Shepherds. As a would-be Black German Shepherd owner, you should research them first. 

Start searching online. You can take recommendations from other pet owners. There are lots of community and pet clubs available. Join them and take the information. 

Online marketplaces are now the most popular. There are websites where breeders advertise their pets. But be cautious using these platforms. Verify the credibility of the seller.

You can also search for rescue organizations like Pawmaw or animal shelters. These organizations are doing a great job. They rescue lost or abandoned pets. They give new life to innocent animals. You can adopt from a rescue. 

But wherever you choose, remember to check certificates and the breeder's ethics. Check their care practice, too.

Black German Shepherd (FAQs)

How Rare Is A Black German Shepherd?

Did you know that only 6.8% of all German Shepherds are black? It's because the Black German Shepherd comes from a rare recessive gene. This makes it quite valuable.

Are Black German Shepherds Working Line?

YES, the majority of Black German Shepherds come from working lines. Working-line German Shepherds are the top choice for military and police tasks. They are commonly sable or black. These black German Shepherds are friendly and highly trainable working dogs.

Do Black German Shepherds Have Health Problems?

Black German Shepherds do not have any specific health problems. Like other dog breeds, they suffer from common diseases like hip or elbow dysplasia. However, these health issues are not related to their black coating.

Do Black German Shepherds Have Long Hair?

Black German Shepherds may have long hair. This does not depend on breed color. It depends on the parent dogs. If both the parent dogs have long hair. There is a chance that more puppies will have a long hair coating. A Black German Shepherd looks stunning and gorgeous with a long hair coating.

Final Thoughts

The classic black tan of Black German Shepherd dogs attracts the pet owner's attention. They have an aesthetic appearance and strong personality.

They are one of the top choices for military or police work. This is because of their athletic physique and intelligence. They can adopt commands quickly. Also, they have problem-solving capabilities. Their keen sense of smell pushes them to become part of a rescue mission.

Also, their playful nature and high devotion toward their owner make them the perfect family dog. They can get along well with children. But they need proper socialization.

If you plan to adopt a German Shepherd, you will enjoy the companionship a lot. But again, you have to be more active. This dog breed needs a lot of exercise with regular grooming. If you are capable of providing these. Then you are good to go to live with a Black German Shepherd dog.


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