9 Reasons Why Your Cat is Missing from Home


Cats are very independent and moody. They like to roam around their surroundings and investigate. They may also disappear for several days to weeks and return like they just went on vacation.

According to lost cat statistics, 15% of housecats get lost in a 5-year period and most of them are females.

While this may be a common trait in cats, it can put you in distress as a cat owner. So, to ease your concerns, I will discuss 9 reasons why cats disappear from home. This will help you stay prepared and prevent such disappearance. 

1. Stressed at Home

Cats are very sensitive in nature. Any change in their surroundings can stress them greatly. When cats feel stressed, their first instinct is to find a calm and quiet environment.

A new pet, new baby, or even house redecoration can stress out your beloved pet cat. Therefore, your cat may be gone to calm down and destress for a while. If such a thing happens, the cat may stay hidden till it is hungry, for a few hours to around a week. 

You can avoid such incidents by keeping a calm and quiet space in your house where your cat can go and destress. Thus, it will not leave the house and be its normal self after a couple of hours.

2. In Heat

Another huge reason cats disappear is when they are ready to mate. This is true for both male and female cats. 

When house cats come in heat, they start to misbehave. They will annoy the peace out of your home by meowing and peeing wherever they want to mark their territory. They will flee from your home the first chance they get. Once they get out of the heat, they will come back again.

Spaying or neutering will help keep your cat out of heat and, as a result, prevent their tendency to run away. Also, you can adopt another cat of the opposite sex to get a somewhat similar result. But this only works if both the cats bond with each other and come in heat at the same time. 

3. Sickness or Pregnancy

As you know, cats can be preyed on by other bigger predators. Therefore, these creatures have a natural tendency to retreat to a quiet and hidden place when they are ill or pregnant.

Cats' natural instinct to hide during vulnerable periods is a huge reason why they disappear from home for a longer period of time. Once they get well or deliver it’s litter, it may come back.

To avoid this, you should arrange regular vet appointments. This will help keep your cat healthy. If you suspect your cat is expecting, arrange a separate place with plenty of space to hide. This will prevent your cat’s disappearance.

4. In Search of Foods

Cats maintain a regular schedule for all their activities, among them, its feeding schedule is very crucial. So, if you are someone who does not feed your cat on time, it may leave your home to search for food.

Felines are motivated by their survival instinct, and they will always explore in search of sustenance. You can avoid this by keeping extra food in your cat’s feeding bowl. So, your cat can come and eat whenever they like.

5. Family Members’ Bad Behavior

As a snobby and high-maintenance pet, cats will always occupy the first slots. So your cat may get offended if it doesn’t feel welcome in your home and will disappear. 

Negative behavior can lead cats to avoid certain persons and spaces. These behaviors can be totally unintentional from you. Sometimes, a cat might just leave your home because you didn’t give it enough attention.

So, be careful when interacting with your cat, and do not make it feel anything less than ideal. 

6. Hunting Instinct

No matter if you give your cat a five-course meal five times a day, it will always try to hunt rats and birds. This hunting instinct can often take cats on adventures that cause them to lose their way home.

However, cats have a very good sense of smell, and they can come back home once they have a sniff of any familiar scent. 

7. Caught by Others

Another reason your cat may disappear is that it is caught by another individual. Even the most well-meaning individuals can mistake your wandering cat for a stray and take it in. 

Some individuals may also try to snatch your pet by feeding it regularly. This will make your cat identify these individuals as a safe person and leave you to stay with them. Notice your pet’s behavior carefully to identify such incidents from happening. 

To prevent such situations from happening, microchip your cat and attach a belt around its neck with your contact details. This way, you will have your cat back sooner rather than later. 

8. Chased Away by Other Cat or Dog

A possible reason for your missing cat is that maybe it is chased by another animal. Animals like cats and dogs are very territorial. They don’t usually tolerate unfamiliar pets in their claimed territory. 

So, if your cat wrongfully entered another animal’s territory, it may have been chased away. In such cases, you may have no other option but to wait and look for it till it finds its way. 

You can put up lost pet posters and look for your pet online. Websites like PawMaw can come in very handy in these cases. These websites have an extensive list of lost pets that is updated daily. Once anyone finds your pet and lists it on the website, you will reunite with your beloved cat easily.

9. End of Life

The last reason for your cat’s disappearance is it may have been deceased. It is a sad reality that you will have to lose your beloved pet in the wrath of time. 

Most cats prefer to find a calm place when they feel sick or tired, and they may pass on that place. It is another of their natural instincts where no one can intervene. In such cases, all you can do is to moron them and move on with their loving memory in mind.

Final Words

Now that you know more about the reasons your kitten is missing from home, you can create a safer and more comforting environment.

Regular health check-ups, creating a stress-free home, and ensuring a proper diet can help prevent your cat from disappearing. Remember, a cat’s behavior is often a reflection of their health and happiness.


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